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Vanna Bonta Set To Record "Flight Quantum Fiction"
Vanna Bonta Set To Record
US author and actress Vanna Bonta takes the boring out of intellectual. (file photo)
( 2006-06-18) Vanna Bonta's Flight Quantum Fiction will soon be an audio book, read by its author. One of the most-quoted modern writers on the internet, Bonta's subculture following hailing girl-twirl and genius is being absorbed by mainstream tastes looking for alternatives to empty pop diet. If once naïve and unsophisticated Bonta is catching on as the new darling of demographically-milked tireds seeking the unprocessed and genuine.
Vanna Bonta is back on US soil, rumored to be inking a deal for the audio book production of her novel "Flight Quantum Fiction."

Those who have never heard of Vanna Bonta have no doubt heard her voice for years in multiple box-office hits. Soon after leaving home as a teen for Hollywood, Bonta won film and television parts such as her cameo role as King Zed's queen in the fantasy classic "The Beastmaster." The young actress quickly back-peddled away from the glitzy any-girl's dream to be true to her first love, writing.

Bonta found a way to work in the movies and protect her poetic sensibilities, steadily supporting her writing with voice acting and screenwriting. A Hollywood anomaly, Vanna Bonta is talked about for asking not to be credited on many A-movies in which she performed. Yet, despite her personal reclusiveness, the idealistic blonde could not avoid public interest and controversy as her work spoke for itself.

While avoiding direct media for nearly a decade, the Bonta voice of reputed consummate passion that supposedly affects readers viscerally continues to aggregate a snowballing fan base that even dedicated naysayers who forbid others from quoting the author haven't been able to stop. Fans have not forgotten her, on the contrary, the interim has proliferated rereads combing for Bonta-mots.

Bonta's rep would not comment on the novelist's avoidance of limelight. An insider said, "The unexpected loss of Vanna's mother, a fine artist who spent Septembers and Octobers with Vanna in California and Italy was devastating [for her]. Their love and connection was also as artists." An associate possibly illuminated the absence by claiming a favorite Bonta quote from German modernist poet Rainer Maria Rilke, "[To an artist] Everything is gestation and then birthing... A year doesn't matter, and ten years are nothing. "

It would seem her public agrees. The audio version of Bonta's debut novel "Flight," thought by many for a decade to be the hottest love story of the galaxy, is set to be narrated for listeners by a voice talent who has been being busy being heard and not seen, the author herself.

Recent discreet meetings with publishers also fueled rumor the "Flight" sequels and other new novels are not far behind.

Bonta set sail for the full solar eclipse in the Mediterranean in March 2006, and returns to the US after several months of Africa, Italy and Greece-hopping. She was spotted over the Labor Day weekend at the Indianapolis 500.

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